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Dysport is a drug that is similar to BOTOX that relaxes the underlying facial muscles to stop them from contracting, an activity that naturally forms wrinkles on the face. As part of the many wrinkle treatment alternatives, Pittsburgh plastic surgeon, Dr. James Fernau offers Dysport for patients who desire to smoothen out the wrinkles on the upper third section of the face. Dysport is known to diminish the appearance of crow’s feet, thin lips or neck wrinkles. It is injected in tiny doses with precision so it does not affect unintended muscles. The results compared to BOTOX injections are quicker as the diffusion is much faster. There are preferences when it comes to the various muscle relaxers that are on the market today. Each has its own set of benefits that can be discussed in detail during the initial consultation.

Administering Dysport

As Dysport affects nerve and muscular function, injection sites must be marked for the purpose of accuracy. This is to avoid any unintended muscle to receive a dose. A tiny needle is used and the product is injected into specific spots on the face. Normally, topical anesthetic is applied to help with any discomfort during treatment. The medicine can target fine lines or the deeper creases by means of adjusting the amount of medication. A typical session can last up to 30 minutes. Depending on how severe the skin condition is, multiple treatments may be recommended.

What to Expect

One advantage to Dysport is that the results are visible within 2-3 days. Similar to any injection, mild swelling and redness may occur at the injection sites, but cold ice packs are applied immediately after the injection to help with this. After treatment, the patient will be able to go back to a normal routine without any downtime, but should refrain from any strenuous exercise for about 24 hours. Patients who have this treatment find results satisfying as the skin will appear softer and smoother.

What other conditions is Dysport® used for?

Dysport® is FDA approved for the treatment of migraine headaches
Dysport® can reduce overactive sweat glands in patients with Hyperhidrosis
Dysport® can be injected into the masseter muscle to slim the appearance of the face and improve the look of the cheeks and jaw
Dysport® can be injected into the muscles of the upper lip to reduce the elevation that causes a “gummy smile”

Dysport Kansas City

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